• 1 Smart Health @ Home motivates you to exercise and eat healthy...!
  • 2 Measure and Track various parameters including blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, body fat % and BMI etc.
  • 3
    Get suggested daily diet plans by experts Reffer built in food database Count daily intake calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates
  • 4
    Get suggested daily workout plans by experts Record & track detailed workout in one mouse click Track calories burned , weight, average, resting & maximum heart rate
  • 1 Easily track and visualize progress...!
Smarthealth@Home helps you track your weight, blood pressure, heart rate, workouts, diet plans and much more...

Smarthealth @ home allows you to reach your health & fitness goals easily & faster. Compete with other members and share your results. Get guidance over your health & fitness parameters from experts via video conferencing. Enjoy the benefits of good health & fitness right from your home. Access your account from any device, anywhere, anytime..!

The Smarthealth Plan focuses on helping you to maintain your fitness, by eating right & exercising. The Diet Plan that is built around your lifestyle & choices. It contains food options that are easily available & practical for you. The Exercise Plan is made around your fitness levels & physical conditions. It comes with Excercise videos & images. Smarthealth doesn't give any supplements in any of its plan. Smarthealth helps you to focus on your goals, Experts are available as per your time convinence with one to one consultation through video conferencing.You can have video on demand for exercise at your home. We suggest a meal plan to you, based on your goals, choice of foods, and lifestyle. The exercise plan is based on your fitness levels and lifestyle. It comes with instruction, so its simple to follow. With our tracking tools, you can keep your fitness on track, your exercise, Track your meals ,your weight, BMI,BP,BG and much more. We have a team of experienced & qualified nutritionists & fitness experts to help you. Consult/email them whenever you have a question, and get the right advice. They're responsive, supportive, and make being fit easier for you. Our Plan is the best investment you can make towards your health. We ensures you have all the resources to help you lead a healthy lifestyle, all you have to do it is follow it.

Smarthealth@Home is smart solution for all.