Home Health Care

Home care is care that allows a person with special needs stay in their home. It might be for people who are getting older, are busy with there work, recovering from surgery, or disabled.
Home care services include :

Talk to the Expert
>> You can talk to expert regarding your queries through online video conferencing service at your time convienience
Use online tool
>> You can use online tool to track your progress and our expert can help you to reach your goals with use of this tool.
Compete with your friends
>> You can organize an event and compete with your friends online
Get online exercise video
>> As per your physical condition you can demand online exercise video
Get your customized diet plan
>> As per your choice and requirement you will get your customized diet plan

How many times have you heard someone say, "I can't really follow through with an exercise program because I'm just too busy" or "I got caught up in traffic" or That gym instructor is just way too fast and too tough for me? If that sounds like you, then you probably need an exercise program designed to fit your schedule and type of exercise right in your own home.
Very soon, our home will be the hub of all health care with all the technology being used in the home only. We Online SmartHealth Pvt Ltd provide you the track to move to this path. Smarthealth@home is a service that assists those in need to continue living and celebrating life from the comfort of their own home. Technologies like portable medical equipment, electronic medical records and advanced monitoring services make home care at home possible. This is an ideal situation where anyone can perform better in known and comfortable surroundings in addition to the advantage of being cost effective. We as a model of Smarthealth@home provides both professional and informal support networks that include family, neighbors, and friends.