Online Weight Loss Program

Nowadys only diets may fail your 'weight loss'. It took you years to gain the weight. So you can't expect it to disappear overnight. A magic pill, only raw foods, or a few workouts won't work either. You need to start thinking of successful weight loss as a different perspective. Long term success can be achieved by making small decisions may be It's meal by meal, step by step. Smarthealth@home help you make simple changes to your daily choices, so that you're more likely to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

We offer you the latest technology called 'Video conferening' to talk to our experts as per the your schedule . You get the detailed diet plan from our registered dietician as per your daily choice , your favorite food but only in right quantity . You can ask whatever your queries are to the expert and we assure you you will all your answers .

We have great library of exercise videos which you can see from your home on computer , laptop,tablet , phone or smartTv . You can use the video On Demand to workout in your home as per your available time hence reducing the time and cost of the gym or personal trainer facility .

As with anything in life, data gives you power. We turns that data into insights. We provide you with wireless devices that take the hassle out of tracking data. Your data is instantly transmitted to our device which is connected to the software. The Data transmitted are stored onto the cloud hence you or your expert can view it anytime anywhere without loss of that data .