Privacy Policy

1. We do not sell, rent or share your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes. We only use your information as described in the Privacy Policy. We understand clearly that privacy of the information provided by you is one of the most important assets. We store and process your information which is protected by physical as well as technological security devices

2. "Personal" information is collected from you when you provide it to us (for example, if you purchase SmartHealth product subscription from us) and we may collect your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. We use such personal information for internal purposes such as processing and keeping you informed of your subscription and other order details .

3. We reserve the right to communicate your personal information to any third party that makes a legally-compliant request for its disclosure. Otherwise, however, we will not disclose your name, address and other information which reveals your identity to any third party without your consent. We reserve the right to collect general demographic and other anonymous information that does not personally identify you. This information is not associated with your personally identifiable information and cannot be linked to you personally and can be used by us in respect of our business without your approval.

4. Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your computer. While cookies have unique identification numbers, personal information (name, password, contact number, etc) are not stored on the cookies. Also these cookies get expired after you close the tab/web browser.

5. Whether you want your web browser to accept cookies or not is up to you. If you haven't changed your computer's settings, most likely your browser already accepts cookies. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience all features of the website. You can also delete your browser cookies or disable them entirely. But this may significantly impact your experience with our website and may make parts of our website non-functional or inaccessible. We recommend that you leave them turned on.

6. We value your relationship and will at all times use our best efforts to maintain your privacy.