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Graphs and Reports, Progress Bar

Having user building the reports and visual graphs they need in real time to determine the health of their practice. One thing we will get out of having a reports score to rate your risk of certain disease as a patient. All charts all the correlated data on a single graph with a unified timeline. This would be very helpful. To give a score to evaluate your health and there are a lot of scores that can help expert or user. Allowing expert to build out a deck or report cards and scores and such would be very interesting.

Right now our reports are somewhat flat, but the goal over time is to make our reporting tools better and better.

It would be very beneficial to those providers that follow chronic diseases to have a flow chart that values could be entered and then reviewed by the provider for trends over time. To have the option to apply those values to a graph display would enable the provider to see the overall trends and also use the display as an effective teaching tool.

By using the smarhealth solution you will be able to update all of the training report graphs on page. This data will help populate the summary graph from your health or workout summary to generate data from your workout and show you your current progress.

With each workout or food intake that you record, the graph will update with your data thus providing you with new changes and progression from your training.