How online health care tracking system works

Sometimes, due to our busy schedule, sometimes it is very difficult to go to doctor personally to show our health records. In that case, we can rely on the Healthcare tracking system. Hence there is need of Online Healthcare tracking system. Smarthealth@home provides you the best tracking solution. We provide you the 'Reporting' of your different health parameters. The graphs are very easy to understand and easy to analysis. Graphs are plotted as per your suggested food and your actual food, suggested workout and actual workout, your health parameters as per the performed exercise dates . Also you can keep a track of your daily food intake and daily workout details. You can choose workout from our workout library as per your choice to do in your home on your device anytime. To add more advantage, we provide you the video conferencing facility to talk with our experts. Consult/email experts whenever you have a question, and get the right advice.

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