How to maintain smart health at home

The goal of the Smarthealth@Home is to seek improvements in safe, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered health and wellness services through innovations in computer and information science and engineering. Protecting patient privacy while providing legitimate anytime, anywhere access to health services will require new security and cryptographic solutions. Data collected by sensors, at clinics, and labs need to be anonymized and aggregated for community-wide health awareness and maintenance. One of the best feature of Smarthealth at home is doing workout with no travel time and with your own comfort level in home. Just choose whichever video you want to do and just start repeating that video from your computer, laptop , tablet or mobile device. Smarthealth@home provides many of the services that regular health centre provide, but offer lower costs and the ability to obtain service from the expert via video conferencing or email. Plus, Online Smarthealth@home services are available wherever you happen to have internet access and a computer or other internet-connecting device, and are available for all time. With Online Smarthealth@home service the services provided by the online experts, you choose where and when you get your consultation. Any sort of minor health issue and other simple illness are treatable through online consultation.
Advantages of online Smarthealth@home services are:
* As per your convinence & Time saving.
* Cost effective
* Easy to access & User Friendly
* Personal care
* Electronic Medical Record
* SMS and Email Alerts

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