Monitor your health

Monitor Your Health

We're all for getting regular parameter check and blood test after certain interval. But that's not to say that in between visits you should close your eyes and cross your fingers that all's still well. The fact is that while your doctor may see you once or twice a year, you live in your body every single day, and that makes you the best judge of your own health if you know what cues to look for.

Here are some ways to play doctor detective:
> Monitor your weight on daily basis before and after exercise.
> Monitor your heartrate before and after exercise.
> Monitor your BMR and Energy expenditure.
> Measure your blood glucose at regular interval.
> Measure systolic and diastolic BP on regular basis.

Monitoring your parameters is crucial to preventing some of the possible complications associated with health. This involves knowing your blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat levels, as well as your diet and screened for early signs of damage.