Online weight loss packages in India

Nowadys in healthcare so many companies are offering different types of healthcare package as taking care of health is on high priority . But due to our busy schedule and lifestyle, we may not get the best solution. But We smarthealth@home offers you the best preventive healthcare package.
Smarthealth@home provides you the following features.

1) Workout Video Library :
We are having workout library library from very well known physical experts. Best part of this solution is you can choose the video on demand and do it in your own home as per your time convenience on your device may b its mobile, laptop, computer, tablet or smartTv. Just choose the workout and you are ready to workout !!!

2) Customised Diet Plan :
Our dietician suggest you the diet plan according to your lifestyle as per your taste and choice. Dietician may suggest you some changes in your diets. You can eat your favourite paneer or kheer too.

3) Video Conferencing :
You can talk with our experts using above latest technology. You have to just schedule Face to face online discussion with the expert to get your questions answered.

4) Reporting and Analysis :
Using our devices , you can keep the records of the health parameters in our software . This helps you to get the graphs of your health parameters as per your performed exercise date. This really helps you analyze your health progress.

5) EMR (Electronic Medical Records) :
Your daily records like suggested and consumed diet plan, suggested and performed exercise , colories burned , Blood Pressure , Blood Glucose , Weight etc can be stored onto cloud so that you or your expert can view it online using internet.

6) Online Competition :
You can create online competition with your friends who are also using our service. This helps you to work out more and achieve maximum calories burn.

So come and be the part of the future of the Preventive Healthcare.

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