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What you get

- Upload your BP, BG, Weight & Diet intake on daily basis.
- Get your progress report on daily basis in different graphical form.
- Get online video's for exercise.
- Get diet & exercise consultation from our expert through online video conferencing.
- Maintain your scanned medical report in our EMR.

* Note: Rs.500 extra for per Video Conferencing (VC) sessions
           12.36 % tax extra


Manoj Tiwari ,31 years

I love this solution as I am able to do my exercise anytime at home and able to record my performance which I can see anytime anywhere using my laptop and mobile.

Nitish Patel ,25 years

Online SmartHealth solutions is highly motivating as I can set my goals and monitor my health parameter online. Video conferencing is one to one, keeping my performance in mind.

Pooja joshi , 28 years

This solution is really online, we do not have to go out and have traffic and parking issue. I am sure I would save heavy on my cost as well as time.

Ahmed Mujawar,22 years

I am really motivated to use this solution as it is very user friendly and uses latest technologies of exercise video on demand, data storage on cloud and video conferencing. However, it is important to make sure that your internet line is at good speed.

Mithal Patil,24 years

Weight Loss success story as shared by Mithal Patil. I had been trying to lose weight since the last two years. Being a medical student, I hardly got time to devote towards the weight loss goal. Consequently, before I knew I was 70kgs! As alarming as the number was, I crazily started browsing through the internet for home remedies, exercises diets and stuff. After having tried all most 10 different remedies right from morning banana diet to no carbs diet I hardly managed to lose a kilo. And then one day I happened to come across Online SmartHealth solutions advertisement on one of the weightloss site. I thought of giving it a try. To my pleasant surprise it was way simpler than I had ever dreamt of any weight loss program! And what was even more exciting was the fact that I could still munch on my fav paneers and kheers and sandwiches! I loved it thoroughly! My dietician was extremely humble patient and supportive throughout the session.

Vishal Wagh 29 years

After I signed up Dieticien was assigned as my personal dietician who first took detailed information about my lifestyle, food preferences, medical history and other details and then worked on a diet chart and exercise schedule that would help me lose weight, get fit keeping my medical condition in mind. Apart from this, she was always in touch with me and replied to all queries (even silly queries too). I thank my dietician who was always available and supportive. With her support I lost 12 kg in 3 months time.