Personalized Care

Personalized care, Personal Trainer, Personal Expert

Personal health information, also referred to as protected health information, generally refers to demographic information, medical history, health results, and other data that is collected by a health care professional to identify an individual and determine what type of care that individual should receive.

A personal health record not only allows you to share information with your care providers but also empowers you to manage your health between visits. For example, a personal health record enables you to track and assess your health. Record and track your progress toward your health goals, such as lowering your cholesterol level. Make the most of doctor visits. Be ready with questions for your expert and information you want to share, such as blood pressure readings since your last visit. Manage your health between visits. Upload and analyze data from home-monitoring devices such as a blood pressure cuff. And remind yourself of your expert's instructions from your last appointment. Get organized. Track appointments, vaccinations, and preventive or screening services.