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Welcome to Clovis AI, where we offer a comprehensive patient monitoring solution tailored for healthcare providers. Our integrated system comprises the Clovis Software Platform, state-of-the-art Monitoring Equipment, user-friendly Smartphone App, and the advanced Cellular DR Watch. These components synergize to support services in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), Behavioral Health, and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). Explore the videos on this page to learn more about our dynamic company, expert management team, the innovative Clovis AI RPM Program, and the exclusive partnership opportunities available for qualified investors. Please note, nothing on this site constitutes an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities.

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Meet the Management

Garrett Sowards CFO

Hello and warm welcome to all those present today, as we delve into the fascinating journey of Clovis, highlighting the unprecedented opportunities for growth and development that lie ahead.


Representing the financial helm of Clovis AI, I am Garret Sowards, the Chief Financial Officer. Possessing a master’s degree in business, I must admit, nothing could have fully equipped me for the remarkable potential Clovis harbors. My role extends beyond the responsibilities of an officer; I take immense pride in being an owner as well, deeply invested in the company’s future.
The next video script was written by Victor Trani the engineer architect of the Clovis platform and CTO of the company.

Victor Trani CTO

Thank you Garrett for the introduction. I am the avatar representing Victor Trani one of the founders of Clovis.


I had the opportunity of working with a group of brilliant engineers on a previous product creation that combined Bluetooth and cellular technology into a chip small enough to be embedded into a watch. My current team added gateway technology into the watch creating the first watch that can monitor health of the host through their wrist and transfer the data cellularly to the health cloud that also includes vitals from other stand alone products like a weight scale, pill dispenser or glucose meter and transfer all these vitals through the cellular watch to the health cloud.
When planning for the future it is important to understand the growth potential of the product or services, the longevity and the exit plan. The past growth and the anticipate continued growth is better explained by Ashley Canty.

Ashley Canty CRO

Hi everyone, these are the words of Ashley Canty who oversees Clovis enterprise business division of accounts with minimal sales volume of five million.

In 2022 I attended the first trade show in Georgia where we introduced the DR Watch and it has been a whirlwind of activity ever since.
Georgia was just the beginning. Because of obtaining the preferred supplier status for the entire state it generated the attention of Blue Cross Blue Shield etna and multiple hospitals that has advantage healthcare plans affiliation.
The insurance companies use a call center located in Puerto Rico for remote nursing staff and this organization ordered a private label software package from Clovis for this entity.
The Puerto Rico nurse support center also monitors for a large insurance company in Brazil and they also have private labeled the DR Watch through the Puerto Rico account. To better explain what this means for Clovis I would like to have John Wade chime in.

John Wade Investment

Hi everyone, thank you Ashley. I am speaking on behalf of John Wade.

Clovis has the only product on the market that offers the solution for multiple Medicare reimbursement codes that include RPM, FQHC, and Behavior Health. Each of these government sponsored entities reimburses the hospitals and doctors to supply the DR Watch and to rent the software platform. At this time the DR Watch is the only product available on the market and we believe it will take a minimum of eighteen months to duplicate what Victor Trani and his engineering team has developed. I intend to do all that possible to support Clovis to afford the purchase of ten thousand watches to supply the Georgia contract.

Special Investment Offer

Sn 2022, Clovis launched their R P M health platform and linked it with the innovative DR Watch to monitor patients from home. This device effortlessly tracks vital signs like heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Its seamless operation automatically sends important health data to the platform, making health monitoring simple and obstacle-free for users.

Under the reimbursement code for remote patient monitoring through Medicare, Clovis gets paid handsomely to provide the Vital Watch, a device that tracks key health metrics, and a specialized software platform. This platform allows doctors to easily view the data from the watch. The data is sent online, letting healthcare providers monitor patient vitals in real-time and improve care quality.
As the patients prescribing doctor, I am usually told for the first time that my patient is having health problems during the consultation, which often comes after they’ve already suffered. With the use of the new Vital watch my patient vitals will be monitored in the health cloud and will alert me in real-time if my patient’s health is trending badly, allowing me to act quickly and adjust treatments or to provide extra support before it becomes an emergency. This proactive approach can greatly improve patient care, reducing preventable emergencies and create a more effective healthcare system.

This sophisticated DR watch is expertly designed to gather and monitor crucial health-related data throughout both the day and the night. It provides individuals with highly valuable information that, until now, was typically only obtainable through professional medical equipment in a hospital setting.

The DR watch and software platform enables my practice to be reimbursed for Remote Patient Monitoring patients Federally qualified health center patients Behavior health needs remote therapy monitoring needs and the popular cash business of personal emergency response support.

Each of the new payment codes from Medicare is revolutionary reimbursement tools tackling complex cost of tracking and recording chronic conditions. This new technology gives the physician, access to new data in real time, allowing for immediate intervention to prevent costly emergency visits or to optimize care pathways, improving patient outcomes.

Behavior health, remote therapy monitoring and Personal Emergency services are equally important to the healthcare professional and to the patient. The DR watch knows where the patient is at the time of the emergency and what the health vitals were before and during. Plus the emergency team can speak to the patient through the watch during the ordeal.

The innovative DR Watch was officially introduced to the market in the year 2023, Following a comprehensive and detailed pilot study in the state of Georgia. Proceeding the pilot our software and DR Watch was awarded preferred product status for the state, which is a testament to our product’s excellence and reliability. Based on the positive reception and the trailblazing success we have witnessed in Georgia, we are optimistic and eagerly anticipate that other states, specifically Florida and Alabama, are expected to follow in Georgia’s footsteps by the year 2024.

I am the avatar represent John Wade in this video and I personally thank you for watching. Please contact me if you have any questions about the watch or Clovis AI.