Clovis Rental

SunVision partnered with Clovis to offer an affordable rental solution to the RPM industry.  This unique partnership between SunVision and Clovis AI enables users to budget a set cost that is all inclusive.  The rental package includes a cellular gateway that communicates with the smart vital watch and a second piece of home monitoring equipment selected by the doctor that matches the patient chronic condition. Just plug in the cellular gateway and wear the watch. With the help of Clovis SunVision will do the rest. The Artificial Intelligence built into our health cloud will recognize health trends and warn the patient and care giver of these trends through Text, Email and IVR. Clovis rental solution allows the physicians a path to implement remote patient monitoring within their practice without any out of pocket expenses for the physician practice or any additional workload for their nurses. The rental package includes the technical requirements needed to bill cpt code 99454 and the clinical requirements needed to bill cpt code 99457. Clinical requirements consist of a registered nurse spending a minimum of twenty minutes each month reviewing the vitals collected from the patients home and having a phone conversation with the patient discussing the results. This service is provided through Myanss remote registered nursing partner of SunVision.  Technical requirements consist of supplying the monitoring devices needed to collect the vitals from the patient home and transmitting the readings to a healthcloud that can be viewed by the care givers and patients. Clovis has also created a five star rating system that functions as a patient report card with a reward package included. The patients who have improved and followed the doctors testing protocols will be rewarded points that can be used to purchase items through our on line gift store or to purchase more equipment to enhance their health. Remote Patient Monitoring is good for the patient and good for the doctor. Withe the use of SunVision DR Watch information can be collected that traditionally are only available in a hospital setting. This additional info collected 24 7 enables the a i software to recognize  health trends in the patients life and advise the care team of the problem.  RPM also offers a respectful increase of revenue for the doctors practice and should also help to increase the star rating for the practice. The suggested path for the patient to sign up to RPM is during their visit to the doctors office. The patients is more likely to understand the value of RPM when told about it during their scheduled visit to the doctor rather than to be contacted by a stranger on the phone. Once the patient signs the form accepting to participate with RPM the documentation is sent via fax or email to Clovis. After receiving the patient signup sheet Clovis will implement the welcome call and mail out the home monitoring equipment. Following the delivery of the equipment our customer support center will contact the patient to help assist them in testing their vital for the first time with their new equipment. There are eight pieces of equipment available for delivery to the patient that the doctor can select from as the third piece of equipment. The Clovis AI platform protocols allows the caregiver to set push and pull notifications to the patient via Interactive Voice Recognition, text, email or connecting the patient to a live support person. The monthly  cost for Clovis  rental program includes the software platform, equipment and nursing support.  The home monitoring equipment will upload seamlessly to the health cloud through cellular technology. And the AI nurse will monitor the patient and report trends when detected to the user and the medical professional.