SunVision manufactures four pieces of home monitoring equipment that transmits cellularly through the traditional cell phone or through our unique cellular gateway that is available as a stand alone product or through our new Dr Watch.   Coined from the super hero Danger Ranger.  The watch is built with cellular capabilities and will function as a gateway to collect vitals from other home testing devices like a weight scale and pill dispenser then upload the test results to the health cloud.   The cellular sim card embedded into the DR Watch is capable of connecting through cell towers in most countries.     SunVision manufactures five products for home monitoring that  include the DR Watch, Controlled Medication Dispenser, Pill Dispenser, TV Router and the weight scale. The DR Watch will be assembled in the USA starting in 2024 from Daytona Beach, facility.    Other SunVision products that must have FDA licensed through  other manufactures is inventoried in Daytona facility that include the body thermometer, pulse oximeter, Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Monitor, and ECG monitor. Included with the equipment is an award winning software platform that is included with the equipment at no additional charge. The software and support is included in the all inclusive cellular cost of $5.00 per month per watch. The software was built by Smart Health 1on1 and is an optional feature.   The software platform available for the USA market is managed and supported by Smart Health  support center located in Cebu Philippines. The software is HIPPA compliant and documents the needed information for the health care professionals to bill Medicare for the RPM CPT Codes and G0511 Hic Pic codes.